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    Profissionais Imagem Estrela

    Profissionais Imagem Estrela

    Detalhe do projeto

    CÓDIGO: 5566

    CONTRATANTE: digitalbrains RH

    TÍTULO: Technical account Manager

    ÁREA DE ATUAÇÃO: Programador & Desenvolvedor


    Job description

    • Support & Technical consultancy: you’re the head of service for all
    Adserver´s Publishers & Agencies clients in Brazil. You ensure the proper
    configuration of the solutions; provide training and expert guidance for
    the Brazilian customers.
    • Pre-sales support: You will carry out product demos, educate prospects on
    features and conduct specific projects or tests, supporting the sales team.

    • Engineering: you design and implement personalized solutions for our ad
    operations customers. You manage technical projects for Web, Mobile and
    Video advertising solutions to meet client´s business and technology needs.

    • Interface: You´re in close contact with all Adserver teams (Product,
    Development, Infrastructure) in Europe and ensure a proper communication
    between our local clients and our headquarters on every technological
    topics: new features development, new releases, technical issues
    resolutions, local specific needs,… You travel occasionally to meet our
    technical and product teams.
    • Team leader: you’re responsible for our Brazilian support team. With
    time, you´ll progressively become responsible for the Technical Account
    Managers team. You take part to the recruitment of new team members, help
    improving skills and expertise and monitor day-to-day activity.

    Knowledge and skills:

    • Web technologies: Degree in computer science or technology and experience
    in programming in any Web, Mobile or Video oriented programming language
    (HTML, CSS, Javascript (DOM, JSON, Ajax, Cookies), XML (VAST), Flash,…).
    Knowledge of debugging tools (ex. Firebug, Fiddler, WebDeveloper).
    Experience with SQL & Data bases.
    • Service orientation: problem solving skills, 4/6 years of similar
    experience in Web, Mobile & Video solutions support/service. You have
    strong relational skills (listening, contact, pedagogy, …)
    • International orientation: keen to work in an international /
    multicultural environment. Experiences abroad and languages are a plus.
    • Adaptability & Communication: imaginative and open-minded, you can
    interact with several profiles internally and outside the company (sales,
    tech, support, product)

    VERBA: Confidencial

    TIPO DE PROFISSIONAL:Sem Preferência


    PRAZO DE DESENVOLVIMENTO: A ser acordado entre as partes